Horse To Water - The Living Waters Workshops

The book HORSE TO WATER contains the LIVING WATERS from which if you drink, you will become the enlightened, healthy, prosperous, creative individual you were divinely meant to be.  Just the energy of the book, just holding onto it, just having it in your vicinity will promote changes to your very cells, to your thoughts, to your breaths. 

Since the book contains THE LIVING WATERS, it IS alive and has therefore produced, birthed, workshops.  THE LIVING WATERS WORKSHOP will be an active participation of your entire being, being guided, inspired and instructed by the masters in their fields.  What you thought was powerful just by reading the material in the book, will exponentially increase in its powerful influence to you, to everyone. 

This is not a sit down and take notes workshop.  You will be participating in your own enlightenment, your own healing each and every moment.  The contributors of the book will be on hand to personally, by example, reveal their knowledge for you to absorb and integrate.  We will have several keynote speakers as well as individual workshops presented by the contributors to the book in each of their respective fields.

We will be moving, dancing, singing, drawing, learning, meditating throughout the weekend all to one end...... the enlightenment of us all!!

I am encouraging any and all of you who have found the book to be an inspiring, healing, revealing aid, friend, confidante, teacher, to register today to participate with the masters of the living waters.

I am requesting that each of you, even if you are local to the Chicago area, to stay at the hotel for the entire workshop.  It is not just about changing your thinking, addressing your feelings, it is about raising your present moment to the expanded landscape it was divinely meant to be!!  And remaining in the hotel will allow you to remain in the present moment of the group. 



COST:   $495


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