Hi, and welcome to HORSE TO WATER, the Living Waters of Personal Transformation.

I am confident that what HORSE TO WATER will offer you will inspire the expansion of your daily experience, enliven your perspective and awaken your innate ability to deeply and positively affect everything from the obvious to the often unseen aspects of life.

HORSE TO WATER offers some of the best ways to raise our conscious awareness to new and innately divine heights.
The book HORSE TO WATER is an over 900 page compilation of prayers, chants, mantras, visualizations, meditations, affirmations, tools and techniques to begin changing your life from within.  It has been nicknamed the "Thrival Bible".  If each of us begins to change ourselves from within, the world will reflect those  positive changes and become the peaceful, loving    world we know it can be.  There are over 70 well   known contributors presented in the book, such as     Don Miguel Ruiz, Thich Nhat Hanh and Dr. Sue Brown offering their wisdom and knowledge for our life enhancing growth and the expansion of our consciousness.

Just opening HORSE TO WATER will ensure your discovery of a new path within yourself.. Many Blessings!


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