Horse to Water

Horse to Water“As one of the editors of HORSE TO WATER, I found myself wanting to share this multi-faceted gem as soon as possible.  One particular friend was going through a personal crisis and it took all of my integrity not to just hand him the unpublished manuscript.  I knew it had the power to inspire and heal.  I knew it could bring him peace and hope and strength. Well, JL my friend, it is ready!  Read this book with your heart wide open and come to realize your True Self.

Don’t just survive – THRIVE!”  Stacee Melville

"This book should be in the hands of every person on the planet!!"  Maureen Moss, President, World Puja Network

“Horse To Water”  is a book whose time has come. It's your everyday companion to ensure your positive mental attitude, your grateful heart, your prosperous world and your healthy body.  Gift this to all your friends and family and carry this with you EVERYWHERE!  .....Dr. Sue Brown

HORSE TO WATER  is your daily “Thrival Bible”

If you are seeking or in need of a daily companion to offer you a helping hand through any experience, any challenge, any struggle;  to celebrate the joyous and to comfort the sorrowful;  to remind you of the powers of prayer, gratitude, compassion and forgiveness; a reminder that the only journey is the one within, then HORSE TO WATER is that companion!

HORSE TO WATER is an over 900 page compilation of mantras, prayers, affirmations, visualizations, meditations, techniques and tools for self-healing and self-awakening.  HORSE TO WATER is all you need carry with you 24/7 to be your guide, your help-mate, your healer, your reminder and your companion.

HORSE TO WATER presents 911 (it is your answer to your 911 call) pages of prayers, chants, mantras, instructions, procedures and exercises that offer you constant, 24/7, aid, suggestions, advice, tools and techniques, to enliven, heal, awaken and empower your bountiful, healthful, spiritual and meaningful living.

HORSE TO WATER becomes your living representation of divine realization and tenders the gentle active path toward that actualization.

$44.95 each - Wholesale Price $33.71 with purchase of 12 or more.

Weight: 2 lb